Manage That Gavel FairLY But FirmLY!


If your area is holding primary elections tomorrow, I hope you will take time to study the candidates and vote.


My local newspaper carried an article this week about the Alabama race for Lieutenant Governor. One of the candidates made this statement:

“I will manage the gavel fair but firmly.”

Whoops!  This is a good opportunity to remind my readers about using parallel structure.  If you add an LY to one adjective in a phrase (FIRM), it is necessary to add LY to the other adjective in the phrase (FAIR).  This sentence should be stated as follows:

I will manage the gavel fairly but firmly.


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  2. admin says:

    You are welcome! I have just transferred my blog to a new format, so I am a little slow right now as I learn the Word Press way of doing things. I’m glad you found the blog useful. Please let me know if you have any “pet grammar peeves” you’d like covered.

  3. Thanks for this usefull information.

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