Associated Press Proofreads, Fixes Headline


The second GRAMMAR GLITCH CENTRAL Getting the Grammar Right award goes to The Associated Press for catching and fixing an error in one of their online headlines.  When I first scanned the headlines on my home page this morning, this one made me cringe:

Snow in NW Indiana trap more than 70 motorists

Whoops! SNOW is a collective noun (like LAUNDRY or SALT or MONEY).  It takes a singular verb (with an S on the end).

By the time I ran a few Christmas errands and came back to the computer, AP had corrected the headline to read correctly:

Snow in NW Indiana traps more than 70 motorists

Hats off to AP for spotting the error and correcting it. Let's hope those 70 motorists have now been rescued and are cozy and warm at home.

If you missed the first GRAMMAR GLITCH CENTRAL Getting the Grammar Right award, please check back to my blog entry for June 4, 2010.  It went to Publix Grocery for using the word FEWER correctly on a sign at their checkout lanes.

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