Proofread to Wipe Out Wordiness


All of us write wordy.  Our brains want to help us get the point across by bopping things twice or even three times when once will do.  The best way to eliminate wordiness is to do a good job with Step 2, which is proofreading.

Here is an example sentence from a newsletter I received this week:

It also works the other way around as well.

ALSO is a good word, and AS WELL is a good phrase, but they do not need to be used together.  One or the other will do.  When you proofread, spot all the places where you have bopped your idea more than once.  Then choose which "bop" you want to keep and eliminate the others. 

With this example sentence, either "bop" will work, so it could read either way:

It also works the other way around.

It works the other way around as well


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