Star Quarterback Touts GOOD vs. WELL

University of Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy, described by sports columnist Jon Solomon as "the near Rhodes Scholar," has a thing for good grammar.  He is known to have corrected his team's offensive coordinator Jim McElwain from time to time.

"The guy helps me with my vocabulary," McElwain said during a press conference at the end of McElroy's senior season.  "He can correct me when I am grammatically incorrect."

Here is an example correction that can serve as a good reminder for everyone about the correct use of GOOD and WELL:

"Sometimes, he'll (McElwain) be in the middle of telling us something, and he'll say, 'We didn't really do that good,' and I'll say 'We didn't really do that well,' or 'We could do that better.'"


REMINDER:  If you are describing a verb like DO, you want the adverb WELL.  Use GOOD as an adjective, as in THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE.

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