Financial Advisor Needs Apostrophe Advice

Financial advisor Stewart Welch writes a column of financial advice in the Sunday Birmingham News.  His articles are always interesting and practical.  This past Sunday he wrote about investing in microfinance and helping to save the world.  There were some great suggestions.

Unfortunately, this column contained two rather glaring apostrophe errors along with the good advice.  Here is the first one:

In all cases, the borrower's are expected to repay the loans, typically with interest.

Whoops #1: I have said it before, and I will say it again: WHEN ADDING "S" TO A WORD TO MAKE IT PLURAL, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE AN APOSTROPHE.  This sentence should read as follows:

In all cases, the borrowers are expected to repay the loans, typically with interest.

Here is another sentence from the same column:

I believe this paltry figure is not accurate because American's have no heart for giving, but  rather that they too are struggling to pay bills and save for retirement .

Whoops #2 and #3:  AMERICANS is plural, not possessive, so there should be NO apostrophe.  Also, from my perspective, this sentence is not parallel in structure.  It should be written this way: structure NOnNONO NO   

I believe this paltry figure is inaccurate not because Americans have no heart for giving but  rather because  they too are struggling to pay bills and save for retirement.  


This column also contained a sidebar photo (See above left.) with a message about ENTREPRENEURS.  Yes, this word is difficult to spell, but it took me less than 15 seconds to check the correct spelling right on the Internet.

NOTE: If you are interested in microfinance, you can visit or

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