To good to pass up?? Whoops!


 Fall and Football are finally back in the air in Alabama, and none too soon after a stifling summer.  Max's Delicatessen makes great sandwiches, but the subject line of the email they sent out to customers this week was not so great.  It read this way:

Tailgate Specials To Good To Pass Up!

Whoops! When TOO means OVERLY or ALSO as it does in this subject line, it should be spelled with two O's, as in TOO STRONG or TOO WEAK.

Spelled with one O, TO is a preposition, as in TO THE MOVIES or TO THE DOOR, or it is part of an infinitive, as in TO DRIVE or TO SING. The subject line should read this way:

Tailgate Specials Too Good To Pass Up!


Good luck this weekend to my three favorite teams: the OMHS Eagles, the Auburn Tigers, and the OSU Buckeyes!

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