FIVE typos in one advertisement! Whoops!

Some people think I am overly picky about correct grammar and usage, but I believe most everyone would agree that the ad I've reprinted here is unacceptable. A spell checker, used by either the tinting company or by the newsletter editor who printed this ad, would have caught all five spelling/typos Glitches.


Whoops #1: When converting DAMAGE to DAMAGING, the writer should drop the E before adding ING.

Whoops #2: IBLE and ABLE are similar suffixes that can be added to the end of a word. VISIBLE uses the IBLE suffix, not ABLE.

Whoops #3: The prefix that means "across" is TRANS, not TRAN, so this word should be TRANSMISSION.

Whoops #4: The word EXPERIENCE has four syllables, so the "I" cannot be left out.

Whoops #5: The word REFERENCES comes from the word REFER, so the "E" between the "F" and the "R" cannot be left out.

Whoops #6: Commas always go inside the quotation marks in the USA, as in "Products,"

Whoops #7: It is not a good idea to put quotation marks around the words PRODUCTS, SERVICE or WARRANTY in an advertisement.  Quotation marks around a word suggest that it is a substitue for the real thing, which is the exact opposite of what is meant.

The Grammar Glitches above should be corrected this way:

  • Reduce damaging UV rays
  • Visible Light Transmissions

Over 50 years combined experience!

Licensed & insured with references in your community!

We offer the Very Best in Products, Service & Warranty in the Business!

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