Choosing Correct Plural Forms–Even on Route 66

A friend sent a nostalgia email the other day with memories of the 1950s. Although I don't wish to admit having a pretty good memory of that decade myself, I do want to share the two "plural goofs" in that message. Here is the first one:

If you didn't grow up in the fiftys,
You missed the greatest time in history

 Whoops! I wonder if the person who put this message together paid attention in grammar class during the FIFTIES. As with most words that end in Y, the way to make FIFTY plural is to change the Y to an I and add ES. I wouldn't necessarily agree that the FIFTIES was the greatest time in history, but here is how the statement should read:

 If you didn't grow up in the fifties,
You missed the greatest time in history

 The second plural goof appears in the beautiful tapestry shown below:

Whoops again! As I keep pointing out, the plural of a word is NOT formed by adding an apostrophe AND an S. The word KICK is made plural by simply adding an S. The statement at the bottom of the tapestry should read this way:

Get Your Kicks on Route "66"

The Fifties had some great experiences, and I love traveling chunks of Route 66–especially at Temecula and Santa Rosa–but I'd like to think that maybe the greatest time in history is still ahead for the world.  Sure hope so.








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  1. Bill Pate says:

    I am happy to find you back at your blog!  I was afraid that all writers were now applying correct grammar.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Bill. It would be wonderful if that were the case, but….I’ll try to be more consistent with the blog.

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