Maybe? Or may be? That is the question.

Spam subject lines often contain grammar errors, and recognizing that can be a good way to spot bogus emails that should be trashed. Here is a good example that appeared in my Inbox last week:


Remove errors that maybe harming your PC

 The single word MAYBE is an adverb that means the same thing as PERHAPS. It would be used in a sentence like this: MAYBE this is an email I should not open.


What this Spam creator should have used is the two verbs MAY and BE, which are separate words. His subject line should have read:


Remove errors that may be harming your PC


  Apparently I am not the only person who recognizes this problem. Please go to to see a long list of examples, using MAYBE and MAY BE correctly.  I don't know who put this together, but I must say: GOOD JOB!  





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