Luncheon topic headline has agreement problem plus a missing “earring comma.”

A headline in the newsletter of a local ladies club caught my eye last week. Here it is:

Meteorologist James Spann, along with Karen Spann  present  "Beauty after the Storm"

The subject of this headline is JAMES SPANN (one person). The phrase ALONG WITH KAREN SPANN should be set off with two commas (which I like to refer to as "earring commas")–one at the end as well as the one at the beginning.  ALONG WITH KAREN SPANN is a dropped-in phrase, but it does not affect the relationship of the subject JAMES SPANN to the verb, which should be PRESENTS because its subject is one person. The headline should read this way:

Meteorologist James Spann, along with Karen Spann, presents "Beauty after the Storm"


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