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Possessive of ONE FAMILY is not FAMILIES.

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Here is part of a "Job Wanted" ad that appeared in my local newspaper this week:

Christian lady looking to clean one families home.

Whoops! The epidemic of apostrophe problems continues. This lady only wants to clean ONE HOME. The HOME should belong to ONE FAMILY. The proper way to show that ONE HOME belongs to ONE FAMILY is to add an apostrophe and an S to the end of FAMILY.

Changing the Y to I and adding ES makes the word refer to several FAMILIES, and I am sure the lady did not mean to suggest that this should be one HOME belonging to several FAMILIES.  The sentence should read this way:

Christian lady looking to clean one family's home.






Plurals and Apostrophes. Oh my!

Monday, October 24th, 2011


I came across the following question on a LinkedIn discussion site this morning:

Whats  everybodies  opinion on printing and its impact on the Environment? Online Vs Print?

 Whoops #1:   WHATS is supposed to be a contraction of WHAT and IS.  Therefore, it needs an apostrophe to indicate where the letter "I"was left out.

 Whoops #2: The word EVERYBODY is treated as a singular pronoun (takes a singular verb), and it cannot be made plural even though it appears to refer to more than one person. The concept suggests "every single individual person within a group." In other words, EVERYBODIES is not a word and does not exist.

Accolade #1: The writer of this question did get the grammar right when choosing ITS (without the apostrophe) to modify IMPACT.

The question should read this way:

What's everybody's  opinion on printing and  its   impact on the Environment? Online Vs Print?

NOTE: If anyone wishes to comment on the impact of printing on the environment, I will be happy to pass the comments along to the LinkedIn discussion.