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Plurals and Apostrophes. Oh my!

Monday, October 24th, 2011


I came across the following question on a LinkedIn discussion site this morning:

Whats  everybodies  opinion on printing and its impact on the Environment? Online Vs Print?

 Whoops #1:   WHATS is supposed to be a contraction of WHAT and IS.  Therefore, it needs an apostrophe to indicate where the letter "I"was left out.

 Whoops #2: The word EVERYBODY is treated as a singular pronoun (takes a singular verb), and it cannot be made plural even though it appears to refer to more than one person. The concept suggests "every single individual person within a group." In other words, EVERYBODIES is not a word and does not exist.

Accolade #1: The writer of this question did get the grammar right when choosing ITS (without the apostrophe) to modify IMPACT.

The question should read this way:

What's everybody's  opinion on printing and  its   impact on the Environment? Online Vs Print?

NOTE: If anyone wishes to comment on the impact of printing on the environment, I will be happy to pass the comments along to the LinkedIn discussion.